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About Us

4 My Jacket has its roots extending back to the early 1950's. In those days, chenille patches, high school letters, school mascots and embroidery were machine sewn but hand guided. Today we still produce a small amount of product using the hand guided equipment. Most of our production today is produced on automated equipment. The advantage is rounder rounds, squares that are more square and the ability to make designs look the same from piece to piece. Some today cut corners to save time or material. Our products still maintain the traditional look of a swirl sewn pattern, scrim felt, correct line-up and are still mostly hand cut. At the end of the day, our products still hold fast to the traditions of past generations. Even with holding true to tradition, we can now make a product that meets the expectations of a corporate customer and the Ad Specialty industry where customers can expect their design to look the same from piece to piece, run after run. Our goal is a quality product that meets the heritage that chenille offers for all markets - high school, corporate or personal. And, as always, there is still not a minimum quantity. We're set-up to run small to mid-size orders; larger orders are not a problem either, they just take longer to make. Each order is custom made to the unique needs and specifications of our valued customers. Our home is Dallas, TX and the metro area, yet we service customers nationally as well as internationally. Our in-house products have been "Made in America" for the past 50+ years and there are no plans to change that. Yet another tradition that should live on.
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High School Letter Jacket (varsity jackets, letterman's jackets as they are sometimes called) patches, letters, motorcycle vests and embroidery have been our bread and butter over the years. Corporate designs have been added as our ability to reproduce designs more consistently have improved. Items such as tackle twill banners, team uniforms, high-end corporate designs and rhinestones have been added to our mix. These items were natural additions to our product offerings. We now have the ability to mix and match materials. This ability also provides us the opportunity to undertake other custom, one-of-a-kind projects as the market may from time to time require. In the past, we have provided decoration on such items as chef apparel, Carhartt jackets, satin jackets, wind breakers, denim shirts, letter jackets and a host of other products. We can order most any product that you may require. Have it decorated and drop ship it to the location of need. Read More - - - >