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ASI #53469

PPAI #446871

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P.O. Box 226048

Dallas, TX 75222

(214) 628-JACKET


All invoices are DUE AND PAYABLE PRIOR to any products being produced. Once orders are submitted, they will be invoiced and E-Mailed to you. Payment should be made using the “Pay” Button above. All products are custom made to meet your specific requirements. No products may be returned for credit or refund as they were custom made to your specific order. Orders generally take 3 to 4 weeks to produce but neither production nor shipment dates are guaranteed. These products are custom made. Sometimes difficulties or more complicated elements of a design are incurred during the production process resulting in longer than anticipated production times. Rush service is available on a first come, first serve basis at an up-charge for the level of service desired. Materials are generally color fast but under the right conditions can bleed or fade. 4 My Jacket is not responsible for products that bleed or fade for any reason or any cause. No products will be shipped Next Day Early Delivery, Next Day, Second Day or Priority delivery unless paid for by the customer. 4 My Jacket is not responsible for late or lost delivery items once they have been turned over to a third-party provider and has no control over their final delivery. 4 My Jacket will make every effort to deliver you products on time and as required to meet any schedule or event that you may be having.

Return Policy:

All items must have an RMA issued before an item can be returned. Return postage to be paid by the shipper. Items will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of 4 My Jacket. Items will be returned by standard delivery methods. If faster shipping is required; it will be at the customers expense. Orders that are returned should be mailed to 4 My Jacket, P.O. Box 226048, Dallas, TX 75222 unless otherwise indicated. UPS does not ship to Post Office Boxes.

Design Approval:

Most orders will require at a very minimum approval via E-Mail. Design art will be E-Mailed prior to production. Once approval has been received, a sample or product may then be started. Orders that have not been approved will not be produced. Material colors may vary from dye lot to dye lot and as a result, 4 My Jacket is not responsible for color variations of either thread or felt or tackle twill or any other material used or any clothing or accessories that may be purchased. Should you have a large order and require colors to match, it’s best to notify us in advance so that we can order enough material or hold enough material of a specific dye lot to complete your order and any potential re-order that may be required. If this material quantity is large or to be held for an extended period of time, 4 My Jacket reserves the right to bill for this material in advance. Orders requiring special colors, excessive materials, non-standard or other custom material will require full payment for that material in advance.

Quotes & Estimates:

Quotes/estimates are only an estimate of what time, labor and materials it will take to make a specific order. Quotes may change if it’s determined that the order specifics have changed, designs at production are more complex than originally understood, non-standard materials are requested or other unforeseen detail are incurred. Quotes/estimates are only valid for 30 days. Quotes/estimates will not be made without first seeing a sketch, sample or other image related to the required items to be produced. Changes to any provided submitted art may require that the order be re-quoted. High School patches such as football and basketballs have block and script lettering included in the price. If there is excessive lettering in these patches or any other design - we reserve the right to adjust the pricing to reflect the additional requirements of the design.


Invoices will be sent to the E-Mail address on file. Generally, invoices are not mailed. Shipping charges will be based on a set rate shipping schedule for most products shipped. This rate has been set so that small orders do not pay more for shipping than the product costs in most cases. On orders with Next Day, Priority or other shipping methods shipping charges will be based on the actual cost of shipping plus a $5.95 handling fee.