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4 My Jacket offers all styles of jackets. Many of the favorites are the traditional high school style letterman jacket, chef coats, the tried and true satin jacket as well as Carhartt. All of our designs can be placed on any of these products. Our letterman jackets are made in the U.S.A. and are available for custom order. Most other jackets can be obtained with a relatively short delivery lead time.

Embroidery / Monogram

Your Corporate or High School jacket will not look like all the others once your jacket has been decorated with selected embroidery elements. Jackets can be personalized with names and titles on the front or a personal or nick names on a stand-up collar. The choice is yours to decorate your jacket in a way that shows your achievement, fashion or corporate affiliation. Embroidery allows designs to use a combination of well over 100 different colors.


Many today think of chenille as a type of thread or such things as a chenille blanket. Neither of these are what patches are made of. Chenille is a loop stitch that is pulled up from the bottom of the material being sewn. It looks like berber carpet in some respect. Chenille has its heritage dating back to the 1950's. Often you could find a sweater with a letter - that letter was made using a chenille stitch in conjunction with a felt backing material. Chenille is a much later stitch than a normal embroidery stitch. The design made with chenille will have less detail than that of embroidery. Patches, letters, corporate designs can be 100% chenille, 100% chain stitch which is another type of chenille stitch or a combination of chenille stitches and embroidery. In today's market, chenille combined with embroidery offer a much nicer, higher-end product as the chenille provides extra dimension and additional texture to a design.

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