Bold Letterman Jacket Chenille 3 Inch Individual Letters

Size: 3" Letter A
Sale price$13.98


Chenille has been around for many years and is used for ad specialty items, achievement awards, letterman jackets, or to make a fashion statement.  This is a wonderful product if you are looking for something traditional yet upscale and value added.  The plush pile of chenille produces a 3D effect by adding depth and texture.  Combining this medium with some additional embroidery allows for additional design elements and color where needed. These letters have been designed for use on a sleeve or for lettering over or under a primary design on the back of a jacket.

When thinking about your next gift or award, think about 4 My Jacket and our chenille letters for your corporate/school sweaters, letterman jackets, bags, blankets or other decoratable items.  You will be please with our quality and how these designs look.

All of our products are made to resemble those original awards that have held with tradition over the years.

These letters are 3" tall plus an additional .92" for outside material used for contrast and sew down.  

All Letters are made custom to your specific needs at the time of your order.  Cost shown is for setup, production and USPS 1st Class postage included.  

Each letter is made on two pieces of material unless they are being used on sweaters where it's recommended to only use one piece of material to prevent the sweater from having a "stiff" spot where the letter is placed.  A single piece of material will allow for a more natural flow of the sweater material.

Sewn with acrylic thread and wool based scrim felt, these pieces are not designed to be washed.  If cleaning is required, dry cleaning would be highly recommended.

It is also recommended that these letters be sewn down using a ziz zag stitch VS. a straight stitch.  Over time, the felt will have a tendency to roll up on the edges and the ziz zig stitch will produce a much more professional look and prevent the rolling over time.

Height dimensions per letter will remain stable but actual width will vary with the letter being used.  Letter "I" being narrow and "M"/"W" being wide.

Inserts in these letters are extra with the cost based on the type and number of inserts being added.  Insert information and colors can be comunicated at time of ordering.

These letters are made on 2 pieces of material.

Information that is needed to make these letters are as follows:

Chenille Color (fill area) _____________?

Outline Color (line around the fill area) _____________?

Top Material Color (usually the same as the Chenille Color) _____________?

Bottom Material Color (usually the same as the garment Color) _____________?

Available Colors:

White  -  Natural  -  Champagne  -  Indiana Gold  -  Yellow  -  Old Gold  -  Antique Gold  -  Lt Gold  -  Texas Orange  -  Dark Orange (Pumpkin)  -  Silver Gray  -  Owl Grey  -  Dark Brown  -  Burnt Orange (Blood Orange)  -  Red  -  Bright Red  -  Cardinal Red  -  Maroon  -  Kelly Green  -  Forest Green  -  Dartmouth Green  -  Purple  -  Columbia Blue  -  Dark Teal  -  Royal Blue  -  Navy  -  Black  -  Pink  -  Softball Green


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