Chenille dates back to the 1950's. 

Sweaters were some of the first items to be decorated along with actual letterman jackets.  Chenille has been used mostly as a means to show achievement in athletic activities.  More recently, this has expanded to cover many other non-athletic related disciplines to include academics, drama, band, cosmotology and even fishing.

Originally, each patch was individually made by a Cornely chain stitch machine for the chain stitch and loop fill.  All of the lettering was done by a hand guided Mistergram embroidery sewing machine.  Both of these functions required extensive skilled labor to be able to write letters with a needle and complete the design details by moving the design aound by hand to create outlines, detail and fills.

Modern production methods have allowed for the combination of traditional chenille stitch types and embroidery elements all done on one machine to create unique, high-end designs that have more depth, detail, and a wider range of design elements.

Original production methods resulted in each patch being unique.  No two pieces could be created exactly alike given that each piece was subject to the skill and artistry of the craftsman making your patch.

Today's production methods allow for each pieces to be reproduced in exact detail with higher quality and more percise details.  This has allowed chenille to be used for retro designs, ad specialty, corporate logos and other personalized design that require a more traditional or upscale look.  It's not unusual to see these designs on junior and varsity letterman jackets, varsity sweaters, greek apparel, car club apparel, bowling league attire, and hockey team wear.

Almost seventy-five years later, these custom chenille patches are still crafted individually to meet your specific requirements.  You, the wearer of these custom patches, are just as important as any multinational corpration and their brand. 

Because of that, each patch tells "Your Story In Images" and can be worn with pride and honor!

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