Chenille Boxing Gloves With Strings and Boxing Word

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Get ready to knock out your competition with our Chenille Boxing Gloves with strings! These gloves are perfect for any boxing occasion, from professional matches to military training.  These patches are easily applied to your boxing smock, letterman jacket, or duffle bag. With the iconic boxing word and golden gloves looks, you'll feel like Rocky Balboa at every social and sporting event.  Don't miss out on these must-have gloves for any boxing organization, event or enthusiast!  As always, your design is custom tailored in Dallas, TX, to meet your color requirements.

Our standard design is 8.5" tall x 5.6" wide.  On the displayed design, the color selection is black, white and gray sewn on black and white material.  For contrast, in our standard design, both the strings and lace area are gray with white for all other detail.  

Your design is custom sewn at the time of order.  Colors can be changed to any of the standard colors available for chenille products as listed below.  Once an order has been placed, either at the time of order, or after vie email, there will be an opportunity to specify your desired colors.  If, after several attempts to determine your color requirements with no reply, this design will be sewn in the default colors stated above.

Thread for this design is acrylic - looks great although does not tolerate excessively high heat.  Item can be washed on cold water and mild soap but dry cleaning is better with medium heat and no starch to press.

Design best sewn onto your item using a zig zag stitch to prevent the edges from rolling up over time

Color to define:

Chenille Fill, outline/detail color, top felt usually matches chenille color, and bottom color matches item being sewn on.  Strings and space between gloves can be the same color or a different color as required. Laces generally match boxing glove detail color.


Boxing Gloves Without Strings

Boxing Gloves With Strings Only

Boxing Gloves With Strings and Club Name

Bold Lettering Option

Available Colors:

White  -  Natural  -  Champagne  -  Indiana Gold  -  Yellow  -  Old Gold  -  Antique Gold  -  Lt Gold  -  Texas Orange  -  Dark Orange (Pumpkin)  -  Silver Gray  -  Owl Grey  -  Dark Brown  -  Burnt Orange (Blood Orange)  -  Red  -  Bright Red  -  Cardinal Red  -  Maroon  -  Kelly Green  -  Forest Green  -  Dartmouth Green  -  Purple  -  Columbia Blue  -  Dark Teal  -  Royal Blue  -  Navy  -  Black  -  Pink  -  Softball Green


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