Chenille Letter Jacket Name With Tail, Insert And Paw Prints - N40052P

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Chenille Letter Jacket Script Name with tail, insert and paw prints made in Dallas, TX, USA.

All Script Names are made custom to your specific needs with your unique name and any insert word(s) in the tail.  

Each name is crafted with a 3" capital letter and roughly 1 1/2" lower case letter using a custom in-house font specifically designed for names.  

There are some true-type fonts that can be used so long as they are not thin because chenille is a larger stitch and requires more space per stitch.  

As part of these patches, there are a number of different tails that may be used with your name.  A specific tail can be specified at the time an order is placed.

This product can have stars, paw prints, horseshoes, music notes, or other decoration.

Lettering in the tail can be either script or block letters.  In most cases the lettering is sewn over the chenille although, some do like the lettering to be directly on the felt with chenille being sewn close to the name.  

Chenille has been around for many years and is used for ad specialty items, achievement awards, or to make a fashion statement.

All of our products are made to resemble those original awards that have held with tradition over the years.

Each name is created using two pieces of material for added definition and visual appeal unless they are being used on sweaters where it's recommended to only use one piece of material to prevent the sweater from being too "stiff".  A single piece of material will allow for a more natural flow of the sweater material.

Sewn with acrylic thread and wool based scrim felt, these pieces are not designed to be washed.  If cleaning is required, dry cleaning would be highly recommended.

It's also recommended that these pieces be sewn down using a ziz zag stitch VS. a straight stitch.  Over time, the felt will have a tendency to roll up on the edges and the ziz zig stitch will produce a much more professional look and prevent the rolling over time.

These items can be used on Letterman Jackets, Sweaters, Blankets, Banners, and Bags.


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