Chenille Multi-color Peace Symbol - Retro Styling - P10466

Size: 4" - Round
Sale price$18.98


Spread peace, love, and unity with our Chenille Multi-color Peace Symbol! This chenille peace symbol features unique yellow, blue, pink, and purple colors on a columbia blue background with a bl;ack outline stitch and comes in sizes ranging from 4" to 12" with this example being an 8" round. Perfect for denim or letterman jackets while adding a 60's and 70's vibe. The go-to symbol for peace and harmony, it represents everyone getting along.

This patch has been created on a single piece of material although it could be made on two pieces as standard if the application requires it. Fluffy sewn area (chenille) is made using acrylic thread. Embroidery is done in a rayon or polyester thread.

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