Chenille Shark Mascot Patch - P10462

Size: 5" - Style 1 - No Lettering
Sale price$43.98


Add some adventure to your gear with our Custom Chenille Shark Patch! This bold design, measuring 5.03" by 4.98", features a dynamic shark silhouette and customizable colors. The satin stitch outline and navy/teal accents enhance the design, making it perfect for any mascot patch or fashion statement. Dare to be different with our Chenille Shark Patch in your choice of colors!

This patch can be expanded upward to a 12" design but not smaller at an additional cost.

Chenille Patch Measurement Guidelines

Elements For Building Your Chenille Patch - Not all elements on this page match this design although the basics still apply.

Available Colors:

White  -  Natural  -  Champagne  -  Indiana Gold  -  Yellow  -  Old Gold  -  Antique Gold  -  Lt Gold  -  Texas Orange  -  Dark Orange (Pumpkin)  -  Silver Gray  -  Owl Grey  -  Dark Brown  -  Burnt Orange (Blood Orange)  -  Red  -  Bright Red  -  Cardinal Red  -  Maroon  -  Kelly Green  -  Forest Green  -  Dartmouth Green  -  Purple  -  Columbia Blue  -  Dark Teal  -  Royal Blue  -  Navy  -  Black  -  Pink  -  Softball Green

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