Custom Chenille Football Letterman Jacket Patch - P10041H

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Achieve your sports goals with our Custom Chenille Football Letterman Jacket Patch made in the USA! Perfect for special awards, individual or group recognition, and sports banquets.  This durable 7.75" wide, 5" tall patch is made with your choice of athletic colors and lettering that suits your specific needs. Show off your achievements in style

Patches made on two pieces of material to match those of a jacket. Fluffy sewn area (chenille) is made using acrylic thread. Embroidery is done in a rayon or polyester thread.

Patch price includes design setup and shipping.

Color to define:

Chenille fill usually matches the top felt color, in this case red since the top felt is red.  Outline color generally matches the bottom color felt which would be vegas gold in this picture but has been sewn in a royal blue for additional contrast.  Embroidery details usually matches the bottom color material color as show here but can also match the outline color if needed.

Available Colors:

White  -  Natural  -  Champagne  -  Indiana Gold  -  Yellow  -  Old Gold  -  Antique Gold  -  Lt Gold  -  Texas Orange  -  Dark Orange (Pumpkin)  -  Silver Gray  -  Owl Grey  -  Dark Brown  -  Burnt Orange (Blood Orange)  -  Red  -  Bright Red  -  Cardinal Red  -  Maroon  -  Kelly Green  -  Forest Green  -  Dartmouth Green  -  Purple  -  Columbia Blue  -  Dark Teal  -  Royal Blue  -  Navy  -  Black  -  Pink  -  Softball Green

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