Tackle Twill Two Color Numbers for Hoodies, Jerseys, Uniforms - DTT03

Size: 3" Two-Color Number - 0
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Two color 3" tackle twill numbers for hoodies, uniforms, jerseys or letterman jackets.  

This item is ONLY for a 3" tackle twill number(s) - 4" numbers have their own listing.

Sports Twill is a type of textile weave with parallel diagonal ridges on its face — or surface — side. The material is very strong and durable, which makes it a favorite for activewear applications. Originally used for football, it is a very tough, durable material now used on all sports jerseys and cheerleading uniforms.

These numbers are our stock number set.  Measured at 3 3/16" tall plus an additional 3/16" top, and sides for the 2nd color making the overall height 3 9/16" tall and between 1 15/16" to 3" wide depending upon the number.  This specific item was made using old gold on navy.  Any two color combinations may be used and should be specified when ordering.

On the #4 and #8, the holes were not cut out.  This product can be made with or without the holes depending on preference.  They are here to show the difference in looks.

No stitching is required as this is an iron on design with permenant adhesive.

These numbers can be sewn on for a more finished look using either a manual ziz zag stitch or via a sew file on a computerized machine.

Basic setup and 1st Class Mail shipping is included in the pricing for this item.  Minimum order is one single number.  Mix and match colors and numbers using 0 thru 9.  Double numbers are single number price times 2.  Double numbers can be connected on a single back color or cut as individual numbers.

Available Colors:

Check for in-stock colors.

White - Cream - Gray - Eagle Gray - Charcol Gray - Black, Columbia - Cyan - Quebec - Royal Blue - Dark Royal - Cobolt - Navy Blue - Purple - Lilac - Pink - Neon Pink - Greek Pink - Red - Cardinal Red -Devil Red - 49 Burgandy - Maroon - Brown - Texas Orange - Safety Orange - Brunt Orange - Orange - Tenessee Orange - Neon Yellow - Maize - Light Gold - Gold - Old Gold - Vegas Gold - Tan - N eon Green - Shark Teal - Kelly Green - Dark Green

All colors may not be in stock at any given time due to demand.

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